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Good Afternoon Babies 2 families,

Miss Bec and Miss Talia loved spending time with our babies today, as unfortunately Miss Tárn and Miss Hope were away 🙁 Liz, Noah, Max, Finley, Spencer and Cameron were welcomed with open arms and lots of cuddles this morning, into the yard where they really enjoyed climbing up and down the slide and over the obstacles. We then transitioned over into the other babies yard where they were able to dig in the sand with different toys, play with foam blocks and enjoyed time with their friends. We then had morning tea which was blueberry muffins and fruit. Yum!

After morning tea, where we had group time where we sang “if your happy and you know it” and “heads, shoulders knees and toes”. The children really enjoyed doing the actions and singing along to these! We then continued for the rest of the morning, exploring and playing in the yard.

We then came and had a picnic outside for lunch which was hamburgers. The children have had a beautiful morning and are now sound asleep resting and getting ready for the afternoon

Kind regards, Miss Bec and Miss Talia x