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Good afternoon families!

Welcome to babies two…It has been such a beautiful day today… The weather was so beautiful… Today we welcomed Bella, Olivia, Daris, Loki, Parker, Winston and Nash this morning. We started our day having some morning tea while we all sitting at the table nicely.  Then we explored some indoor experiences with Miss.Hansani and Miss.Jess. Parker loved the puzzle set up on the table. She grabbed her favourite monkey and walked to the puzzle table and engaged with doing the dinosaur puzzle. Bella, Loki and Daris were really interested playing with the building blocks. Olivia and Bella enjoyed watching through the shapes as they can see different colours in there. Nash loved to roll balls on the floor and crawl fast to grab them back. Winston also joined with Bella to play with the shapes.

Then it was the perfect time to do an artwork using the fruits that we brought for the Harmony Day. We used some cut oranges to dip in the paint and make a beautiful artwork. We offered children with some yellow papers and orange paint to do it in their own way. They extremely loved this new experience. We also encourage them to roll some oranges to see the way they spread the colours on the paper. After, Olivia, Winston, Daris and Nash did some catch up with some paintings. They engaged with doing a balloon painting, Harmony day free painting and an artwork for the world water day..

The weather was so nice and we thought it would be really nice to go outside and engage with some outdoor experiences. Parker enjoyed climbing on the wooden frame without any hesitation. Bella, Daris and Loki enjoyed playing with a ball throwing them around and sharing with others. We also loved crawling under the tunnel and do peek-a-boo with Miss.Jess.. We had such a beautiful day today…

Much Love Miss.Hansani and Miss.Jess