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Good afternoon everyone

Welcome to babies two. Miss.Hansani and Miss.T’arn welcomed all our babies in the morning with big warm cuddles. Children chose to spend their morning exploring indoor activities until the morning teatime. Choosing their favourite toys and reading books were the most favourite experiences in babies two. Finley, Cameron, Noah, Max and Thomas enjoyed playing with all the animals we set up in the room such as dinosaurs, sea creatures and wild animals. Liz and Halle were extremely interested to shake the sensory bottles and stack the rings.

We washed our hands and headed to the outdoor yard to have our morning tea as a little picnic. It was nice to see that our children follow the instructions we give them during the day to make smooth transitions. After having morning tea, Children have been choosing to play outside until the lunch time. Our boys and girls engaged with all the challenging experiences outside together. Noah, Thomas and Max were interested to sliding on the slide while Liz ad Finley were sitting on the see-saw. Halle and Cameron enjoyed some climbing on boat, as we put it upside down to make some steps. Halle and Liz are becoming so confident on their balancing skills as they recently started to walk.

Thomas and Halle had their chances to engage with their Father’s Day craft with Miss.Hansani today. Miss.Otavia also joined with our babies to bring them over to babies three yard to explore some more outdoor experiences before lunch. Children have been choosing to play in the sand pit, ride the bicycles, push the push cows, and walk on the soft big blocks. After the busy play outside, Miss.T’arn read a big story book for our babies and they were so excited to listen to the story and see all the big pictures in the book. Children used both verbal and non-verbal communication skills to engage with this group time.

Have a good day..

Much love from Miss.Hansani and Miss.T’arn…