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Hello Babies 2!! ♥♥

We have had such an amazing day today!! We enjoyed a nice picnic morning tea outside on the mat in the beautiful sunshine. We decided it would be so much fun to do some warm water play outside in the sun this morning. The children absolutely loved it!! Avery, Jackson, Max and Finley were splashing the water everywhere, you could hear their laughter and excited screams around the building!! Liz enjoyed standing in the black tray filled with water, she liked getting her feet wet. Cameron was very unsure of the water at first. He wanted to just sit on the edge and place his hands in the water. With a little reassurance and encouragement from Miss Hansani and Miss T’arn, Cameron climbed into the water and loved it!!! We had so much fun!! We were all tired and hungry after our busy morning in the water, We got changed into nice warm and dry clothes and got ready for our lunch!!! We ate so much lunch and were all ready for a big sleep.

This afternoon we are looking forward to a story time with Miss T’arn. Today Miss T’arn is going to read “The Gruffalo.” We will also enjoy some indoor activities. Cars, Trucks, Puzzles, Stacking rings and Lego blocks are some of the children’s favourite indoor activities.

We hope you all have an amazing night, We will see you all tomorrow!

Much Love; Miss T’arn and Miss Hansani ♥♥