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Hello families

Welcome to babies two room. Today Miss. Hansani welcomed all our babies in the morning and sung the good morning song as our babies love songs. This week we were doing lot of activities to develop our children’s gross motor and fine motor skills. They showed their interest on outdoor challenging experiences such as obstacle courses, steps, tricycles, and push cows as they can demonstrate their balancing skills.

Today children have been choosing to explore all the activities we set up outside in the morning. Finley and Elliana could not wait to engage with obstacle courses and the steps. Max was so excited to push trucks around the yard and ride the tricycles. Elliana also joined to ride the bicycles with Max. Then we joined with babies three to explore the sand pit and the obstacle courses in the big yard. Elliana and Max loved the sand pit as the love to dig the sand using shovels. They were so excited play with their other friends.

Elliana used her communication skills by saying ‘Bubbles’ to start the bubble play. Miss. Hansani made some bubbles to make our babies happy. Finley and Elliana were so excited to make bubbles by themselves.

Children have been choosing to engage with indoor experiences too. Finley and Elliana were interested on connecting and separating the plastic balls as they can develop their fine motor skills. Max loved to sit under the tent and read the books. And today we practiced putting rubbish in the bin as Elliana were showing an interest doing that practice last week. So, I put a small bin on the floor and asked children to put all the piece of papers in the bin. Elliana and Finley were so excited to grab all the papers from the floor and run to the bin.

Have a lovely evening…..

Much love from Miss. Hansani…..