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Good afternoon families!

Welcome to babies two. We had such a beautiful day in babies two today. the weather is a bit wet, so we spent most of the day inside. Today we welcomed Valencia, Olive, Daris and Winston in the morning. we started our day enjoying some morning tea after washing our hands.

Inside, we set up so many activities on the floor and on the table for our babies and they loved it. Winston loved engaging with the letter puzzle and Olive enjoyed doing the numbers puzzle. Miss.Hansani helped them both to find the matching numbers and letters. Olive enjoyed listening to Miss.Hansani counting numbers and finally she said ‘’one…..Two….’’ well done Olive. Later Valencia and Daris had their turns to engage with the puzzles and they also did really well using their fine motor skills. Then we all spent some time on stacking rings, and everyone was able to stack all the rings nicely.

Before the lunch time it was time to engage with a group time. So, we all sat down at the table. Miss.Hansani grabbed some red playdough and some colourful feathers for our babies to make snakes and birds. Miss.Hansani and Miss.Otavia helped our babies to roll the playdough to make snakes and birds. They was not sure what we were making first but later Olive said ‘’bird’’ after seeing the feathers. We also enjoyed playing with our train tracks in the construction area. Winston and Daris were so excited to push the trains on the tracks.

After, we went outside for a quick play before the rain. Kids got so excited to go outside so, we put our hats on and walked through the door. We watched the horse over the fence, say hello to our toddlers and did some running and walking outside.

Then we came inside, enjoyed our morning tea and went everyone to sleep. We will be doing a group story time in the afternoon.

Have a good afternoon…..

Much love Miss.Hansani and Miss.Otavia