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Good morning families and friends…

Happy Friday everyone! Today Noah and Finley requested Miss Thais to started our morning Outdoor. They went straight to the big door in the room and pointed to our Outdoor area. We had a busy morning outdoor. Noah, Finley and Ariana loved to explore our big box outdoor where they found some toys to play with. Thomas enjoyed a relax time outdoor while he sat on the chair and observed his friends.

When we got inside we had a delicious morning tea with some “yummy” fruits and cake. Miss Thais sang a “Good Morning” song and then was time to had a group time and all of our friends listened Miss Thais reading the Book “My mum”.

Others activity that our friends enjoyed this morning were playing with cars and trucks, building with blocks and dancing with Miss Thais!

Have a lovely Mother’s day on Sunday!

Love Miss Thais