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Good afternoon families!

Welcome to babies two. Today we welcomed Olive, Bella, Daris, Austin, Nash, Roman and Oskar this morning with lots of cuddles. Bella and Daris had such an amazing day in babies three with their friends and they also had a sleep over. Welcome to babies two Chester and Indi for the first transition day in babies two. Indi and Chester made such a strong relationship with their new friends and educators as they engaged with the peers without any hesitation and also they reached their new educators for comfort.

We started our day having some morning tea and everyone sat at the table nicely and showed their self-help skills by feed themselves using spoons. While some of our friends having their morning nap, Olive joined with babies three friends to do dancing. The funky feet arrived this morning and children engaged with learning some new dancing movements.

Austin had such a wonderful time with Miss.Hansani this morning inside, while everyone else’s explore the big yard. Miss.Hansani offered Austin with different experiences such as building blocks, Colourful blocks and wooden shapes. He reached out to the colourful blocks and handed them to Miss.Hansani. Then Miss.Hansani offered him with two blocks again and showed him clapping. He got so excited to listen to the music that they make when hit each other.

Chester, Indi, Oskar, Roman, Nash and Olive enjoyed engaging with obstacle courses, walking on the balancing beam, walking around the furniture and beams, rocking on the dinosaur, sliding on the slide and also they enjoyed playing in the sand pit.

Much love Miss.Hansani and Miss.Tatian