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Good afternoon families!

Welcome to babies two. Happy Friday…We had the best Friday ever. We spent all day with all our friends from other babies rooms and engaged with many activities today. It was so nice to see everyone’s wearing pink and red for the sweetheart day and for the Valentine’s day… Today we welcomed Bella, Winston, Olive and Daris in the morning and waited our other friends to arrive. Then we headed to the big yard and got ready for the teddy bear picnic. We set up our teddy bear picnic with nice and comfy mats, pillows, lots of soft toys and teddy bears. We all sat down with our favourite teddy bear and enjoyed our morning tea outside. Everyone enjoyed as it was a new experience. while our friends were having the picnic, we set up the yard with few different experiences to engage with. so, we set up the big tray with water and the sensory table with water, love hearts, sea animals and feathers. We also set up another table with lots of paint and hung a big butcher paper on the fence for free hand painting. All the children loved the water play. Daris was so excited to get in the water and he kept playing in the sand and water continuously. Winston and Olive enjoyed the painting. They mixed all the paint using their hands and put their hands on all over the paper and enjoyed seeing their handprints. Bella-Rose  loved the sensory table and she enjoyed touching all the love hearts and soak them in the water. She loved to draw on the black board too. it was so much fun and messy.

Much love Miss.Hansani & Miss.Jess