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Jingeri families,

We had had a such a lovely last day for this week. My six perfect small human beings, Miss Hansani and I got to spend the cool day cuddling and bonding while we watched the long awaited storm rolling in. Black clouds promising rain and fresh air, demonstrating our dependence on Water.

After what was a very busy Christmas concert yesterday, we clearly all needed some quieter time together as we flowed quite naturally into a relaxed day of reading books on the cushions and doing puzzles on the floor. Everyone was in a great mood today, so there was a remarkable amount of soft interaction with each other. Not only engaging each other in detailed and rambunctious games of cat-and-mouse, but also gentle intimate moments of personal exploration as they reach out to touch their friend’s hair and hands. They are all becoming familiar with each other and are now more comfortable in each other’s space.

Ivy and Finley are developing a fascinating friendship. He is babbling to her constantly and she seems intrigued. Finley has a lot to say, so he will need a good listener as a friend. Ivy’s assisted-walking has already improved since she began, so we will continue to practice whenever we can to strengthen all the muscles necessary. Not long now. Emmett is spending a lot of time exploring the room. He is an alert boy who notices many different things in and outside of the room. He was most interested in the rain today. Lara is is clearly making attempts to play with Ivy, and I have no doubt that the two older girls will get along famously in time. Noah is pulling himself to standing with confidence now, and I will need to be mindful of his risk taking habits since he is now looking to climb up and explore. I am delighted. Jackson has enjoyed fine-motor activities mostly. He is very proud of his improved skills in stacking, and he is extending himself constantly.

I look forward to next week.