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❤Good afternoon to our lovely families,

Today has been a fantastic Friday, as it has been a quiet day in babies two today. we welcomed Winston, Daris and Olive into the room today. while waiting for everyone to arrive we played with the animals and dinosaurs and shacked the sensory bottles to see the different items inside. We all washed our hands and sat down ready for morning tea.

After morning tea, we did some painting with cotton balls dipped in red paint. Winston enjoyed dipping the cotton ball into the red paint then dabbing it onto the white paper. Olive was excited to do some painting, as she giggled and pointed at the paint. Olive enjoyed dabbing the cotton ball onto the paper and seeing the red paint appear onto the white paper. Daris was interested in the red paint and started feeling the paint with his fingers as it was cold. Daris also enjoyed dabbing the cotton ball with red pain onto the white paper. Afterwards it was time for dance class with Miss Jenny and babies three.  We all enjoyed dancing with Miss Jenny as we did some new dances like heads, knees, and toes. Also hop little bunnies which was olives favourite one. Then one we finished dance class we combined with babies one and explored the room. Everyone enjoyed exploring with the balls, books, blocks, and puzzles. We also tried popping some bubbles with some of the babies. we all giggled and tried to reach up and pop the bubblies. We love bubbles!

Unfortunately, we could not go outside today due to the rain. However today has been a wonderful day with babies two as they have been every affectionate and giving everyone cuddles today.  we hope everyone has had a fantastic day like we have.

Much love Miss Hansani and Miss Jess xoxo