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Good afternoon families!

Welcome to babies two. Today we welcomed Daris, Winston, Olive, Bella and Valencia in the morning with lots of cuddles. So happy to see everyone’s settled in the room and enjoy their day with their educators and friends.

Overall, we explored both indoor and outdoor activities but spent more time outside. After enjoying morning tea, Daris was pointing at a book from the shelfs so Miss.Hansani helped him to grab the book from the bookshelf and we all sat down at the book corner. First, we read the one Daris chose called ‘’That’s not my puppy’’. We all loved to touch and feel the sensory parts of the book and watch all the colourful pictures. Then we chose to read ‘’the jungle’’ which is really fun and interesting because the book is full of animals and sensory pages. Olive and Winston loved sitting at the book corner until we finish the story.

Then we put our hats on and went outside to explore the outdoor experiences. Bella, Olive and Daris loved the sand pit. They found some shovels and baskets and then started to dig the sand together. Valencia and Winston enjoyed walking on the balancing bridge showing and developing their balancing skills and confident of their gross motor skills. Also, we enjoyed sliding on the slide and rocking on the dinosaur. It was so much fun.

Then we joined with babies three friends to do some water play. Miss.Jess brought the hose and splashed the water all over the yard to make it like a rain. Then we filled our sensory tray with water and started playing in the tray. Daris and Bella jumped into the water straight away. Valencia, Winston and Olive enjoyed just touching the water. Then we brought our bubble machine out and played with lots of bubbles. Such a fun day.

After, Valencia engaged with two artworks today one using plastic lids and the other one finger painting. Olive enjoyed doing her play dough cutter artwork with pink colour on a pink paper.

It has been such a beautiful day

Much love Miss.Hansani, Miss.Shanan..