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Good afternoon lovely families,

We hope everyone is doing well and ready for the long weekend! Today we had welcomes Daris, Oskar, Olive, Bella-Rose, Nash, and Austin into babies 2. We had started the day off by exploring the yard and all the wonderful things that had been setup in the yard. We enjoyed the slide, seesaw, obstacle course, 3D shapes, and climbing the bridge, which Daris, Olive and Bella loved. Nash enjoyed exploring the 3D shapes with some friends from babies 3. Bella enjoyed some cuddles with Miss Jess before it was time to go inside. We also all enjoyed when Miss Jess read everyone a story which was Hide and Seek with The Tiger. We giggled and made tiger sounds which was some fantastic tiger sitting with Miss Jess they scared her when making the noise. We washed our hands and sat nicely at the table ready for morning tea.

After having our morning tea, we got cleaned up and went to toddlers’ yard and sat on the deck ready for the ANZAC Day service for our younger children. We listened to Miss Emma read a story which was ANZAC Teddy which everyone loved, Miss Emma also read the ANZAC Ode. We also paid our respects for the soldiers that we lost and fought for Australia by having a minute of silence. It was wonderful to see everyone participating and being respectful during the ceremony. Thank you, Miss Emma, for having a wonderful service for the wonderful men and women who fought for Australia. Once coming back to the room, we investigated citrus by tasting, touching, and smelling lemon, lime, and orange. Everyone didn’t like the lime and lemon it wasn’t nice as they had a funny reaction. Once having a feel and taste we the completed a painting using the different citrus fruit and veggies.  The colours we had used were green and yellow to make this wonderful artwork.

Afterwards we explored the yard again. Nash, Daris, Bella and Olive loved building tall towers with the 3D shapes before moving onto the slide and having fun going down the slide. Miss Jess sat down with Austin and read some books which were Big Fish, Colours, and Hide and Seek with The Tiger.

We hope everyone enjoys the long weekend and we hope everyone stays safe. We well see everyone on Tuesday enjoy!

Much love Miss Hansani and Miss Jess xoxo