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Jingeri families,

Not only is it a Friday today, but it is also a long weekend. So that makes it an extra special Friday. Consequently we have had a great day together enjoying the company of friends.

Ariana, Jackson, Tai and Ivy were in for a play. We did try to spend the majority of our time staying cool inside our climate controlled room, but the delicious sticky humidity was just too enticing. Ariana definitely enjoyed it outside, giving the push-cows a go before heading off to cross the bridge into the tent. Tai and Jackson were also keen to ride the cows, but got side-tracked with the jungle animals. Indoors however, the boys were totally absorbed by the large blow up Australia day beach ball. This gave us the chance to concentrate on Catching, which is an excellent way to exercise the gross-motor muscles while fine-tuning the co-ordination and balance. Before long we had all the balls out again for a group game. Nice teamwork everybody!

Our focus for “C” week was an outstanding chance to dive head first into some deep Cleaning today. As part of our Friday routine, Miss Hansani and I have been able to spend the day Clearing and Clarifying our space so that we can maintain a safe and healthy environment. Washing, wiping down and laundering to minimize the spread of any infections and sanitizing to break the chain. We are very proud of our room and we take pride in keeping it as clean as possible.

Have a good weekend families.

I look forward to next week.