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good afternoon families….

Welcome to babies two friends. This morning Miss Otavia and Miss Gabi welcomed Olive and Oskar. When Miss Hansani arrived at 8.00am this morning Oskar and Olive have been watching the garbage truck collecting all the garbage from the car park. Olive pointed the truck saying ‘’truck…truck…’’ Oskar waved when they were about to leave the car park saying ‘’byee..’’. Then Miss Hansani and Miss Tatiane welcomed Asher, Austin, Roman and Nash later as they arrived right before morning tea. We enjoyed mango tango coconut granola cup for morning tea.

For the group time, Miss Lauren and Miss Tatiane joined with our friends after got cleaned up. Asher, Roman, Asher and Olive enjoyed stacking wheels while sharing the wheels to make sure everyone gets a turn. Miss Tatiane and Miss Lauren supported Austin and Oskar to find the right pieces to fill the puzzle. Nash loved playing with the soft fabric books with Austin after the puzzle play. Nash loves listening to the sensory sound that comes from the fabric when he touches.

The weather is bit wet all day so we spent more time exploring indoor experiences. Ashe and Austin love being outside and that helps them a lot to settle in the morning. So we decided to explore the small babies yard With all our babies. Nash and Austin loves playing with the dinosaurs while Olive and Oskar engage with obstacle courses. Oskar climbed on the wooden frame while Olive was crawling under the wooden blocks and walking on the balancing beam. Roman loved pushing the mowers around the yard and it helps him to develop his balancing skills to practice some walking. Olive has been talking a lot lately as she practiced and learned some more new words and she is also able to communicate using small sentences such as ‘’ Baby sleeping’’, That’s Osakr, ‘’.Miss Tatiane suggested that we can use turtle shape cups to create an art work today. so We encouraged our babies to use their little fingers to hold the cups and dip in the pain to make stamps on a yellow colour paper. We enjoyed Mushroom, ricotta and spinach lasagne for lunch time. Raw energy bars with fresh fruits for afternoon tea. We will be engaging with free indoor experiences in the afternoon as it’s bit cold and wet outside.

We practiced our self-help skills by using spoons, finding drink bottles from the trolley and putting our hats on. For one on one time we engaged with Austin to stack some blocks and make a tower. We engaged with Asher to show around the outdoor yard and show him horse over the fence.

Children enjoyed both indoor and outdoor experiences especially the painting session and they loved using turtle shape cups instead of paintbrushes. It helped our babies to practice their fine motor skills. Group time supported our older babies to practice some simple new words. As an extension we will be completing all our art work next week.

Much love Miss Hansani and Miss Tatiane….