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Good afternoon families

Welcome to babies two. Today we welcome Bella, Daris and Valencia in the morning. we had such a fun Friday engaging with lot of activities. In the Morning, Bella and Daris explored some indoor experiences. They loved this tables we set up with Dinosaurs, little trucks and the littles dinosaur sensory cards. Daris and Bella started to push the trucks around the dinosaurs with lots of giggles. Then Daris found the post cards that we made yesterday, and he was so excited to show me how to put in the mailbox. He grabbed one at a time and put it through the hole and clapped and smiled every time when he put one in the mailbox. Bella also joined with Daris and put the post cards in the mailbox together. Then we enjoyed our morning tea and put our hats on to go outside. Miss.Mel brought some sensory trays outside to play with. One with the coloured rice and sensory letters, and the other tray with sand, bark and dinosaurs. The boys straight went to the tray where the dinosaurs are, and the girls sat around to play with the coloured rice and the sensory letters. It was so much fun. We ended up mixing all the rice and sand together on the mat.

Then we headed inside to do some dancing with our dancing teacher. Valencia also Joined with us to do some dancing. The dancing teacher brought in lots of musical instruments that we can shake, little hula-hoops, Sensory balloons and rope lights. We had so much fun doing dancing. Valencia absolutely loved the necklace with flower, Bella loved the musical instrument ad Daris enjoyed playing with the Hula-Hoops and rope lights. Then we headed to the small yard again and engaged with a free drawing outside. We let the children use some crayons and chose the colours they want and sit anywhere they like. Then we came inside and engaged with a group time. We shared and observed some flash cards with different shapes and colours with the kids. This is going to be our next goal to recognise the colours. We went through all the flash card until the lunch is arrived.

Much love Miss.Hansani and Miss.Lais