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Good afternoon families…

Welcome to babies two. This morning Miss.Hansani welcomed Daris, Bella, Valencia and Olive with lots of cuddles. We explored our little babies one yard until morning tea arrived. Daris, Valencia, Olive and Bella engaged with the obstacle courses and the wooden frames happily. They walked on the balancing beam to the climbing frame and crawl under the tunnel until the reach the little wooden slide.

Morning teatime…. We enjoyed our morning tea after washing our hands and it was so nice to see everyone grabbed the chairs and the bibs for themselves with Miss.Hansani. Then the funky feet dancing teacher came in to do our Friday dancing session. She brought us lots of shakers and hula-hoops to dance with. Daris and Olive loved to dance with hula-hoop while Valencia and Bella dance with little colourful shakers. We experienced this with all our babies from other rooms. We danced for ‘’Like hula-hoop’’ and ‘’Sleeping bunnies’’. It was a fun experience to practice some dancing movements.

Then Valencia and Olive had their turn to do some painting. Then engaged with doing Harmony day cut fruits painting. They loved using fruits to dip in the paint and watch the way it creates a beautiful artwork. Daris and Bella watched their friends do this artwork and waiting to go outside again.

Today we did lots of outdoor play to develop our gross motor skills. The weather was really nice, so we wanted to spend some more time outside. Daris Bella, Olive and Valencia loved playing with the soft blocks, go on the slide, see-saw, walk and climb on the balancing beam and push the trucks. Then Miss.Hansani found some left over ice cubes from the fridge and we thought it would be nice to offer some ice cubes for our little babies hands as a sensory experience. They absolutely loved watching them melting and touch it and feel the cold.

It has been such a beautiful day…

Much love Miss.Hansani