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Hello all the families

Welcome to babies two for another beautiful day. It has been a wonderful Friday with our little friends. It is the last day for this week and we enjoyed lot of activities during the whole week. We enjoyed inside and outdoor play, lot of arts and crafts, reading books, Self help skills and washing hands.

Our children have been choosing to spend their time outside most of the day. They loved to run around the yard, climb on the fence, ride the see-saw, play under tents, obstacle course and sit around the table. We did lot of active playing while having nice and fresh air.

And, we did some nice free drawing outside on the easel. They loved to make dots and lines using different colors on the red colorful paper. It was nice to do some crafts outside as they loved it.

We read some books inside with Miss Hansani and Miss Dominique and we sang some nice songs too. they loved to ride the bicycles inside and play with the trucks. We keep practicing our hand washing all day with our little friends. Ariana is very good on hand washing and use of words. she uses lot of words to communicate all day. And she loves obstacle course too. Noah and Jackson were really interested on free drawing and they loved to play together most of the day.

Have a lovely weekend….

Love Miss. Hansani and Miss. Dominique…