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Good Afternoon lovely families,

What a wonderful Friday it has been on babies two today. We had started the day off by exploring the room which lots of us found an interest in the new toys Miss Nads had gotten us for the room. What a big thank we give to Miss Nads, we love the toys. The names of the toys we were interested in were mini-spiny, flexible first ball, rainbow stackers, and pastel rainbow. Once everyone arrived it was time for morning tea, which we washed our hands then sat nicely at the table. For morning tea, we had enjoyed Apple Owl Rice Cakes with a variety of fruits such as banana, mandarins, sultana’s, apricots, and strawberries. Everyone loved apricots and sultanas in babies two, they were all gone. While everyone was eating Miss, Jess had read everyone two stories which were That’s Not My Sloth and Pop Goes the Zebra. Everyone loved pointing out the pictures and making sound of the animals in the book.

Once we filled our tummies it was time to head outside into babies one yard where we enjoyed a climb on the jungle gym before moving over to our yard with babies three. When we moved over, we did dance class with Miss Jenny, and we had pom poms and holler-hoops to dance we. We had focused on shaking our body and stretching our bodies. We loved dancing with the pom poms and shacking then while we jumped up and down. Both Roman and Olive enjoyed sitting with their educators as they preferred to listen and watch. Once dance class was over Miss Jess had setup a wonderful activity for Reconciliation week, which we enjoyed free painting using a paint brush as they dipped the brush into yellow, red, and black paint onto white paper. Everyone enjoyed watching the colour blend together as they used the brush on the paper. We had then explored outside and had seen babies three enjoy doing some face painting for reconciliation week. so, we joined in with them all. What a wonderful bonding moment we had together while doing some face painting. While painting our faced some of us could understand where eyes, mouth and nose are on our bodies, they had also shown their friend. While we were in the yard, we had seen many of our friends’ interest in balls, the sandpit, slide, seesaw, and walking a lot the bridge. Today has been a wonderful Friday as Miss Hansani and Miss Jess have all seen everyone sharing, encouraging other, and bond with friends and educators throughout the day.

Reminder of Parent and Educator Meetings on Tuesday the 1st of June 2021 which is next week.

Much Love Miss Hansani and Miss Jess xoxo 💕