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Jingeri families,

It is difficult to believe that today is the last Friday of November 2019, bringing in the last weekend of Spring. December is officially on it’s way and Summer along with it. Hooray!

We wrapped up the week with a full house of familiar faces. Lara, Finley, Noah and Jackson created a busy day of team building and exploration. I am delighted by how extensively the children are making use of the room resources. They are finding new and original ways to engage in so many things. This shows me that the children are extending their experiences naturally, scaffolding on their skills to innovate. The level of interactive play with each other is literally amazing, as they are clearly attempting to communicate with each other. They are laughing with each other, sharing their toys, and making their boundaries clear.

Finley is experimenting with balancing on his own. He is so proud of himself, but not ready for steps yet. It wont be long. He is utilising all of the furniture around him to shuffle wherever he want to go, and laughing with joy as he realises he is succeeding. Noah has had the busiest day yet, playing in almost every corner of the room. He is clearly loving moving and cannot seem to see enough. He is also starting to pull himself up to standing, which means he will be increasing his core strength to prepare for walking. Jackson, however, was completely focused on the push-cows today. Sheer determination made him persist, but the frustration of not being able to get his leg over the ride was too much to bear. He will get it though with practice. Lara had a good day all round playing with the boys. She is a social child who likes to get involved with the games and activities around her. It is great for the three boys to see how confident she is. An excellent fun day.

I look forward to next week.