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Jingeri families,

It has been a great day in Babies 2 today, as we wrap up the first month of the year. Another full day of connecting and developing. Ariana, Jackson, Lara, Cameron, Ivy, Noah, Finley and Tai joining Miss Hansani and I for a day dedicated to building each child’s individual sense of identity.

My initial focus to develop their independence is to support them in their autonomous responsibilities. This includes getting the children to wash their own hands after nappy changes, encouraging them to hold their own water cups during meal times, and getting them to help pack the toys away after play time. These are the first personal contributions as part of a team. This time in their lives is underpinned by the concept of growth and progress, and these rituals of hygiene which promote health and safety are their introduction to the social community.

Of all the resources today, the sand was the out-and-out winner. Throwing it, eating it, scrunching it, smearing it, flicking it. The dinosaurs were popular, but never compared to the sensory delight of beach sand flowing through the fingers. The balls are popular every day, but the throwing skills are improving. We stacked the foam blocks, raced the cars around the room, and read books together on the mat. Such great opportunities to strengthen our relationships.

I look forward to tomorrow.