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Jingeri families,

It boggles the brain to think that this Friday concludes the first week of 2020, steaming on ahead with the new year. It has been an auspicious beginning, with positive vibrations all around.

Today we welcomed another fresh new face, Thomas, to our growing group of small humans joining Lara, Jackson, Noah and Tai. To continue with our journey towards giving our children a healthy sense of “Being, Belonging & Becoming” we spent the morning getting to know each other’s names so that we all feel more comfortable around one another.

Thomas was eager to explore the new resources around him, and watched his new friends keenly as they moved everything around to extend their games. He was particularly fascinated by the box of different shaped balls that roll all over the place. Tairongo and Jackson were also intrigued by the box of balls, experimenting with all kinds of throws and rolls. They are also evenly matched with similar interests so they are offering each other equal resistance in sharing and taking turns. I am watching the learning taking place. Noah has been as adventurous as ever today, showing off his room to his new friend Thomas and making obvious moves to initiate play. Soon they will be buddies. Lara has been social with everybody, walking around the room chatting to everyone. She is thoroughly enjoying the game of give-and-take and is delighted to offer anyone a toy. Jackson is taking his first intrepid independent steps now, so the explorations will no doubt extend far and wide. His enthusiasm for self-discovery is wonderful.

I look forward to tomorrow.