Jingeri families,

We could not have asked for a more pleasant way to end the week. Another big day with five in the room and two educators, so we are navigating our way together to flow happily along. Ivy, Jackson, Noah, Lara, and Finley to see out the week.

Friday is the day the room gets to focus on the core learning outcome of Identity. The essential element to this aim is that we create an environment where the children show interest in each other and in being part of a group. This entails the individuals engaging in and contributing to shared play experiences, allowing the extension of the personal perspective to include other ideas. We began developing this sense of identity by including our names to the good morning songs, introducing ourselves to each other by name. This will reinforce each individual identity, but also begin to form a cohesive group. My goal as the educator is to nurture their individual strengths while encouraging social integration.

Such a positive day of play and interactions. Ivy was definitely feeling more settled today, so she was engaging beautifully with her friends in a wide variety of activities. Still very interested in the walker, though, since she is moments away from setting off on her own. Noah is demonstrating a very strong personality, as he sticks up for himself to set his boundaries. He is adventurous and is getting around to explore new levels of the room as he begins to pull himself up to standing using the furniture. Finley is obviously enjoying the company of his friends immensely, as he engages with them with sounds and gestures to entice them to join in his games. He cannot get enough of the peek-a-boo around the tent. Lara is sharing so well now, giving and taking with her friends to make the experience more pleasurable. She is always keen to see what everyone is up to. Jackson, meanwhile, is still climbing anything that comes across his path with a fierce determination that is written all over his face. He is testing his balance and experimenting with backwards motions, and he is improving constantly.

I look forward to tomorrow.