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Hello all the families

Welcome to babies two.

Today Miss.Hansani welcomed Finley, Noah, Thomas and Cameron in the morning. We started our day having morning tea and all the children enjoyed the yummy fruits together.

Noah was so excited to explore outdoor play area after having morning tea. so, we all had a transition into outdoor yard to explore some new activities. This week I am focusing on children’s language skills as all our babies starting to more words. So today, I introduced a nice book with all the alphabet and the pictures as this age loves to remember things through examples and pictures. Finley, Thomas, Cameron and Noah were so excited to sit together around the table to read the book. It was lovely to see all the children were interested to watch and listen to the alphabetic so nicely. After that children have been engaging with an alphabetic puzzle as we learned many words from the book today.

children loved the activities we set up indoor too. They have been enjoying shaking sensory bottles, stacking rings and trucks with tricycles. It was great to see all the children love to demonstrate their gross motor skills and fine motor skills through both indoor and outdoor activities. We have been doing some drawing using different textures and colours while we were waiting for lunch.

Children have been enjoying more outdoor activities in the afternoon such as obstacle courses, bubbles and tricycles.

Have a lovely evening….

Much love from Miss.Hansani….