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Good afternoon families

Welcome to babies two. Happy Monday… Today we welcomed Nash, Valencia, Parker and Olive in the morning with lots of cuddles. Welcome back to babies two Nash. Nash was so settled in the room and he happily engaged with the activities we did today. We are so happy to see you crawling. You have grown up so much.

Today we started enjoying our morning tea. Then we had a little free play inside. Nash enjoyed playing with the building blocks as they are colourful and make different sounds when hit each other. Parker and Valencia enjoyed playing with the dolls and pushing them on the pram while Olive was playing in the home corner by herself. Olive loves all the wooden kitchen accessories we bought. Painting time…. We all sat around the table and waited to have the turn. This week we are celebrating Chinese New Year and Valentine’s day. So, we will introduce lots of different experiences for our children to develop their awareness of different cultures. Thank you, Valencia, for bringing some ideas to share with your friends to celebrate Chinese New Year.

Today we did a string painting for Valentine’s day. We place a bit of string in pink and red paint then placed onto white paper. Each child pulled the string as it created multiple lines on the page. Valencia, Parker, and Olive loved creating some flowers from the sting painting. Nash will be completing this this afternoon and is extremely excited to do some painting. we also did some finger painting with green blue and red glitter paint. The finger painting pages will be turned into fans for Chinese New Year and we’re very excited to show you how to use them throughout the week.

After exploring our creative side today it was time to explore the yard. Which outside we played in the sandpit and slide. also had a go on the jungle gym and played with some cars/ trollies. This was a lot of fun as we explore the yard Miss Jess read us a book. The book was call The Naughty List and That’s Not My Puppy. Everyone enjoyed listening to Miss Jess read theses books as we spent some one on one time. Nash read a book about colours with Miss Jess he enjoyed looking at the pictures and pointing.

We would also like families to bring in a family photo as the photo will be placed onto our family tree which allows the children to have a sense of belonging.  Today has been a wonderful day in babies two, everyone has been engaged in the activities and enjoyed exploring both inside and outside environment.

Much love Miss Hansani and Miss Jess xx 😊