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Good afternoon families!

Welcome to babies one. Happy Monday… Hope you all had an amazing weekend. It has been such a beautiful day with Olive, Valencia and Nash today. We spent lot of time exploring indoor experiences as it was rainy today. we started our day playing outside engage with the obstacle courses, climbing on the soft blocks, sliding on the slide and riding bicycles.

Then we headed back inside as it started raining. We waited our friends to arrive and washed our hands and sat for morning tea. Then we encouraged children to explore the indoor activities we set up today. The weekly theme is ‘’Animals’’ this week. So, we set up the tables with Dinosaurs, dinosaur sensory blocks, books related to our theme, farm animals and sea animals.

Nash, Olive and Valencia loved the room set up today. Nash and Valencia were so excited to play with the magnifying glasses. That was the first thing they got in their hands. Then Miss. Hansani encouraged them to look at the dinosaur sensory blocks and they were so happy after seeing them bigger. Olive loved playing with the silk colourful fabric and cover her face to do peek-a-boo. She also loved to go through the mini animal book that we called as ‘’At the farm and At the jungle’’.

Then we sat around the table to engage with a group time. We offered children wit some play dough and different varieties of dinosaurs to create dinosaur feet on play dough by pressing their legs on the play dough. That was so much fun. Valencia and Olive loved doing this by simply pressing them on the play dough and giggled each other when they see the feet marks. Nash chose to play with dinosaur first and then to touch the playdough. Then we did this free painting for ‘’ Clean up Australia ‘’ day using blue and green colour. Valencia ended up painting her hands after the painting. She also did her dot painting. Olive loved using the paint brush and mix both colours together. Nash could not wait to have his turn. He Started using the paint brush and then used his hands. We will be exploring some more outdoor experiences this afternoon.

Much love Miss.Hansani