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Good afternoon families!

Welcome to babies two. This morning, Miss.Hansani and Miss.Jess welcomed Daisy, Loki and Olive with lots of cuddles. Daisy had such a great day with her friends as her second day at kindy. She was a bit upset to see Dad’s leaving but she settled so fast and engaged playing with her friends on the floor.

We started our day exploring outdoor experiences in babies one yard this morning. We engaged with some interesting activities before we go to the big yard. Daisy loved having some cuddles from her educators while watching the horses over the fence. Also she loves to see her brother playing in the toddle yard. Loki enjoyed climbing on the wooden climbing frame while Olive was going on the slide saying ‘’ yayyy… yayyy’’.

Then we washed our hands to get ready for the morning tea. Olive and Loki did a really good job when we say ‘’ let’s change the nappies and wash hands to have some morning tea’’. They walked into the bathroom and washed their hands. Olive was saying ‘’washing’’ and ‘’hands’’ when she washes her hands. After we enjoying yummy morning tea, children had such a great time exploring the activities we set up on the mat. Daisy enjoying looking at the books so much. She turned the pages by herself and looked at each page carefully. She loves animals. Olive and Loki loved to play together in the home corner for a while playing with fruits and veggies. Then they joined with Daisy to read some books. Olive and Loki enjoyed climbing on the little boxes we set up on the mat.

This week we are doing the theme ‘’Transport’’. So, today we did a painting using trains. We offered children with trains, foil and some paint to run the trains on the paint first and then on the foil to create a beautiful artwork. Then we painted a picture of a car with multicolours. Children absolutely loved this experience and this helped them to develop and implement their fine motor skills. It has been such an amazing day.

Much love Miss.Hansani and Miss.Jess