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Hello all the families

Welcome to babies two for another beautiful week. It has been an amazing day with my little friends Cameron, Noah, Finley, Thomas and Jackson. I’m so happy because our Cameron is back to our room today. Children have been engaging with lot of activities and exploring many things during the day.

We started our day having some fresh fruits and some breads with yummy dipping as the morning tea. Children have been choosing to play outside after having morning tea.

This week Miss. Hansani is going to give some opportunities to explore sensory activities for our children. So, Miss Hansani made some sensory bags using beans and Rice where I found from my kitchen. You can also find many simple things from your home, kitchen or from the garden to make sensory bags. Children explored the sensory bags when they were playing outside today. They were so exited to observe all the sensory bags touching ang shaking continuously. Children engaged in a sand play after that as we are doing more sensory activities.

We enjoyed some other activities outside playing drums, bagging toys on the table and obstacle courses.

In the afternoon we spent some time reading books, singing songs, and playing with the trucks. Thomas loved to push the tricycle around the room happily while Cameron, Jackson and Noah were playing with the small balls. They enjoyed throwing them around and sharing with friends. Finley was so exited to sit on the trucks and ride on the floor saying ‘tutu’

it has been a beautiful day…

Looking forward for tomorrow…….

Much love from Miss. Hansani….