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Jingeri families,

It is the beginning of another glorious week on the Gold Coast, and we have been blessed with some much needed rain to cool the air and wash the earth. And we get to enjoy it all from our front yard.

This week I introduce the letter B, which opens up the opportunity to focus on Books, Bubbles, Blocks and Balls. As we tumbled out the doors into our marvelous new environment, we took full advantage of the huge space to roll the balls around and build with the blocks together, ending it all with a spectacular bubble session. The friends are all enjoying the metal bridge as it challenges them in multiple ways. Indi was hesitant at first, as her feet got stuck in between the parallel bars, but soon had the contraption figured out and conquered. Ruby was also determined to master the course, and even told the boys off for audaciously entering from the wrong end. Tairongo adapted quickly and joined into her adventure. Finley and Emmett are engaging each other in all of their games, pushing the cart and hiding in the tent together. The are pushing and pulling in just the right amount for them each to learn the valuable skill of compromise and negotiation.

What amazes me the most is how all of the children are speeding up now. The nervous wobble walk has picked up to a confident canter with arms raised for a protected landing. Outstanding! The communication is also improving. Indi and Ruby are the two ladies who are most determined to be heard, asking for ‘banana’ by name or telling their friends to ‘stop’. The words are starting to form and the children are understanding the meaning associated to the sounds. Very exciting.

I look forward to tomorrow.