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Sunshine Monday

Hello and welcome to our day in the Babies Two room! It was a lovely and adventurous day and I look forward to you reading all about it. This morning we began with welcoming Loki, Daisy, Chester, Indiana, Oskar, Braxton, Olive and Scottie. They all started their journey exploring their outdoor environment. A variety of things were enjoyed outside such as, sensory play in the sandpit, looking through books, Olive practically liked the colour book. Jumping with glee on the donkey, using great strength and gross motor skills as they took on the mini obstacle course as they climbed over the bridge carefully before stepping on the steps. It was a joyful morning for all and it was now time to head indoors.

As all children came inside, they sat at the tables and had a great BIG drink of water before a scrumptious morning tea. We encourage self – help skills at mealtimes, they all were doing some wonderful spoon-feeding practice and we encourage this by assisting and guiding with positive praise and encouragement. Afterwards they headed to set foot around their classroom in seek of self select activities as some children were getting photo’s taken for photo day that are happening this week. When photos were done we all sat together at the table for some playdough FUN! They loved being able to squish it through their hands and pressing down the playdough cutters to create the cut out. Miss Jess also showed how to role the playdough.

Scottie loved the animals shapes! Olive enjoyed rolling the playdough snake that miss Jess did. Braxton liked the colours of the playdough, he mixed the purple playdough with the green one! Daisy enjoyed playing with the roll and squishing the playdough on the table! Indiana loved the little bunny shape, she used the green playdough to do the bunny! Oskar enjoyed cutting the playdough in the little pieces mixed all together! Loki and Chester loved using the star shape cutters and then squish with the roller. When we packed away Loki went to Toddlers One for his first transition day, he loved being in the room with all the other children and had so much fun engaging and exploring what will be his new environment soon! It was a positive and happy first transition day for Loki.

How time flies when having a jolly time. As we headed outside for Yoga with Miss Hayley. What a relaxing way to end the morning on before lunch and a reenergizing sleep for this afternoons wonderful journey.

Thank You all for today♥

See you all soon.

Miss Tatiane and Miss Jess ( From Toddlers Two, stepping in for lovely Miss Hansani)