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Good afternoon families

Welcome to babies two. Today we welcomed Zeppelin, Loki, Olive, Oskar and Daisy this morning with lots of cuddles. I’m so proud that Daisy made such a strong bond with her educators recently as now she feels really comfortable when parents drop her off in the morning.

We started our day engaging with indoor experiences such as Stacking rings, count while we stacking them, build towers using building blocks, Play with little turtles and pretend play in home corner. After a busy morning play, we sat around the table nicely and enjoyed some yummy morning tea. Chester and Indi then joined with us as a transitioning to spend the rest of the day with us. Chester and Indi made such a beautiful bond with their peers and educators.

It was time to explore the big yard so, we put our hats before we go outside. Loki absolutely loved the slide while Olive was playing with a steering wheel pretending that she was driving. Oskar found his favourite pram and then he started to push it around the yard with a baby in it. Daisy loves reading books and have a look at the sensory books. So Miss.Hansani joined with Daisy to read a book. We chose to read ‘’That’s not my puppy’’ and Daisy enjoyed touching the sensory parts of the book while we read it. Chester Loves to push the movers around the yard and also he loves going on the see-saw. Indi had playing with the little dolls that we set up in the quite area and she loved patting them to sleep with Miss.Hansani.

This week we are focusing on learning and recognising colours with our older babies while we provide the same experience for the younger babies in another meaningful way to develop their sensory skills and fine motor skills. So today we had a group time engaging with a play-dough time and we used a purple play-dough and encouraged children to say ‘Purple’. Olive said ‘Play-dough’ as soon as she saw the play-dough. We will be engaging with many sensory experiences using different colours to develop their sensory skills, language and communication skills.

Much love Miss.Hansani and Miss.Tatiane