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Good afternoon families!

Welcome to babies two… Happy Monday… Today Miss.Hansani welcomed Olive, Parker and Nash in the morning. we explored some indoor experiences until we were waiting for morning tea. Nash loved playing with the sensory bottles while Olive and Parker enjoy looking at the Animals and Dinosaur book. Then we enjoyed some morning tea while we were sitting at the table nicely.

We all had a nap after morning tea as everyone was tired this morning. Before the lunch time Miss.Hansani set up the floor with some musical instruments and mirrors to play with. Nash loved shaking eggs as he could hear the music they make and it was the perfect size to hold with his hands.  Olive and Parker got so excited to see all these musical instruments and they both enjoyed shaking them and banging them on the floor to make different sounds. It was so much fun.

After lunch time, it was perfect time to engage with a messy play. So, we headed outside and explored the outdoor yard while having some nice and fresh air. Then Miss.Hansani brought the goop tray outside to play with. Olive could not wait to play with it. It was very interesting as we mixed pink and black colours with goop. Children had so much fun mixing the colours and feeling the texture. Nash was really interested in the experience. He loved putting his both hands on goop and feel the texture. Parker used her fingers and watched the way it melts on her fingers.

It has been an amazing day..

Much love Miss.Hansani …