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Jingeri families,

So the heavens have opened and gifted us with a deluge of life giving water, and the air is heavy with humidity. It makes me so grateful for our amazing outdoor space, which allows us to enjoy this wonderfully sticky Australian summer.

Cameron joined Ruby, Finley, Indi, Emmett and Tiarongo for another fantastic Monday. The friends have developed such a good connection with each other now, and their interaction have taken on another dimension. Now that most of them are walking around and choosing their own activities, they are able to involve each other in extended adventures. They are laughing with each other, and enticing their friends to join them. Cameron has had an excellent day, settling in quickly and moving off independently to play with the toys. He is feeling more comfortable in his new room, and feels safe to set off to explore. He is also starting to chat to his friends, and they are responding with enthusiastic babble. These are the beginnings of of his new relationships. Ruby is walking all over and getting involved in everything. She is interested and persistent, and it is a pleasure to watch. Indi is also running around now, so she and Ruby are exploring every corner of our yard. Tairongo was in a more mellow mood today, and he chose to relax on the cushion instead. Finley and Emmett are developing an awesome friendship, as they test each other’s boundaries and push each other’s learning further.

I look forward to tomorrow.