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Good Afternoon everyone. We spent our morning outdoors today. We enjoyed playing with our new dinosaurs in the sand, blowing and catching bubbles, playing with play dough, Kicking, and throwing the ball, and playing in the boat seesaw. Everyone enjoyed being outdoors and doing lots of different activities. The children all played so beautifully together today. We decided to have our lunch outside today. We took our table and chairs into our yard and enjoyed our lunch in the fresh air. It was a nice lunch time.

After the children woke up, we had some quiet inside time before afternoon tea. The children found some books, Lego blocks, puzzles, animals, and musical instruments. Finley asked Miss T’arn to do some bubbles. Finley, Thomas, and Noah had a turn at trying to blow the bubbles. They did some good blowing.

Miss Hansani set up the sensory table with sand and dinosaurs. Noah, Finley, Liz, Thomas, and Tairongo really enjoyed this. They were yelling “raaaaaa” to each other and holding their dinosaurs in the air. Before lunch, the children enjoyed playing with some yellow play dough.

The children have really been enjoying bubbles. They all say “bubbles” and bring the bubbles to us to blow them

Have a great evening,

much love, Miss T’arn and Miss Hansani xx