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Good afternoon families

Welcome to babies two. Today we welcomed Olive, Daisy, Indiana, Chester, Braxton, Zeppelin, Oskar and Loki in the morning. Indiana and Chester have officially transitioned to babies two room today. Welcome Chester and Indiana. I’m so proud that you settled in the new environment fast. Daisy has Waved this morning to mom as she was wonderfully comfortable to come to her educators. We are so proud that you eventually made such a strong bond with us. We started our day exploring indoor experiences such as touch and feel the sensory wooden pieces, look through the colourful shapes, build towers using building blocks, clap with little blocks and engage with doing dinosaur puzzles.

Then we headed to the big yard to warm up our bodies by engaging with gross motor skills. Olive and Indi enjoyed walking on the balancing beam while Loki was pushing the mover on it. Chester found this little green basket and started to collect bark and tip them out on the wooden climbing surfers. He used his little fingers to pick them up slowly and once he has collected some he carefully walked on the beam and reached to the to of the wooden frame. Braxton loved crawling around the yard and throw a big red ball while Daisy and Indiana were playing with little dolls.

As we focus on painting, arts and crafts this week, Miss.Hansani set up the table with purple paint on a tray with building blocks and some yellow bright colour papers. Miss.Tatiane demonstrated our babies to use the building blocks and create a beautiful artwork. Daisy, Oskar , Braxton, Loki, Olive, Indiana and Chester happily engaged with the art experience and demonstrated their fine motor skills and their creativity. Zeppelin had a one-on-one time with Miss.Hansani and he happily listened to a story called ‘’ That’s not my duck. Zeppelin enjoyed looking at the colourful pictures on the book and touch the sensory parts at the end.

It has been such an amazing Monday to start our week.