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Good afternoon families

Welcome to babies two… Today we welcome Parker, Olive and Valencia this morning and Oskar from babies two also joined with us. Welcome Oskar… Today we decided to celebrate Harmony Day with some indoor experiences. Thanks everyone for wearing orange this morning.

We started our day having some morning tea… Then we explored our indoor experiences with Miss.Hansani. So, we all sat at the relaxing corner and pulled out all the building blocks to make a tower. Olive, Valencia, Parker and Oskar grabbed the blocks and started putting them one on one with Miss.Hansani’s help. It was fun. We break down it on to the mat when we couldn’t reach anymore. We also explored our home corner, Olive, Oskar and Parker loved to play with the new kitchen sink that we brought to the room today. Valencia enjoyed her time reading a sensory book called ‘’ A school of fish’’.

Then we played with this orange colour spaghetti. It was so much fun. Oskar was so excited to see the bawl with full of spaghetti… He clapped after seeing. Olive said ‘’ yellow’’ after seeing spaghetti and then we practiced saying ‘’Orange’’ . They loved this sensory experience and feel the sticky and cold texture. Once I said ‘’it’s really sticky’’ , Parker said ‘’ Sticky’’. Painting time…. Everyone got so excited to hear these two words… we did a beautiful orange colour free painting by mixing red and yellow colours. It has been such an amazing day even though it’s rainy all day..

Much love Miss.Hansani