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Good afternoon families.

Welcome to babies two… Today we welcome Parker, Valencia, and Nash in the morning with lots of cuddles. We started our day exploring home corner with all the new stuff we bought for the room. Parker and Nash helped Miss Jess to unwrap the lunch box and the kitchen spices set. Then we placed them on the fridge in the kitchen corner. Then we had a nice time sitting at the relaxing area that we set up and stacking the blocks while we were sitting there. After Valencia arrived, we had morning tea and continued exploring indoor activities. Valencia also loved the new home corner stuff. She found the little pots and put the salad inside the pot and closed the lid. She was excited to show me what she was doing.

Then we sat at the table and did some painting. First, we did the cotton ball painting using red colour. Children loved to dip the cotton ball in the paint by themselves. Then we did the feather painting as our theme is the natural resources this week. We enjoyed dipping the feathers in the paint and dragging it on to the white paper. This was lots of fun as we used our fingers to hold the feather and paint with it. Parker and Nash also shared a book together which they both enjoyed ready and the book is That’s Not My Puppy. Miss Hansani read everyone a story before lunch which Valencia enjoyed the book peekaboo. Parker joined in with the actions.

Much love Miss Hansani and Miss Jess