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Jingeri families,

Another dazzling day of sunshine on the Gold Coast today, delivering a spectacular start to the week. Monday has given Ruby and Finley and opportunity to get to know each other more closely as they spent some quiet time together.

We have started the week with our focus on children being effective communicators. We continue our development of our phonetic alphabet with “U” this week. Today I have introduced Unicorns and Ukeleles to lead with some music and magic, which both Ruby and Finley found very interesting. However, they were far more interested in engaging each other in follow-the-leader adventures around the room, or testing the boundaries of sharing and taking turns. They get on exceptionally well, and inspire each other to experiment with new activities in a different ways.  Both Ruby and Finley are testing the feel of different sounds and using them to form babble sentences with each other, so I will encourage simple words to initiate communication between them. Wonderful!

Look forward to tomorrow.