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Hello all the families

Welcome to babies two for this beautiful Monday. Today our babies started their day with Miss. Shanaya and Miss. Hansani joined with them from morning tea. We were practicing our self-help skills during the day, specially when we are having meals. We had lot of fruits for our morning tea to get some energy to start the day. Miss. Hansani offered some yoghurt bowls with a spoon after having fruits. Noah, Thomas, and Finley were incredibly happy to feed by themselves using the spoon.

Children were practicing health and hygiene practices too. They washed their hands properly before and after meals, after changing nappies and after playing outside. Noah, Finley, and Thomas followed Miss. Hansani’s instructions to wash hands properly.

After having morning tea, children have been choosing to play inside. We found a basket full of colourful balls. So, children enjoyed throw the balls, sharing and rolling on the floor. Finley found some ice cream from the basket and he was pretending that eating an ice cream.

Children had an amazing opportunity to engage in a painting session today. We went outside and sat around the table together first. Then Miss. Hansani offered some green sensory papers, feathers, and red colour paint. Children loved to use feathers instead of paint brushes to do painting. They enjoyed the sensory papers instead of normal papers. That was a good opportunity to improve our fine motor skills.

After the painting session, we watched the horses over the fence. I asked from the children, ‘where is the horse? ‘then everyone pointed out their fingers towards that area. Finley, Noah, and Thomas used their non-verbal skills to response for the questions. Finley was extremely excited to show his head, eyes, nose, ears, and tummy when I ask him to show them.

After having our big lunch, some of our friends went to sleep. Thomas enjoyed riding the police car while his friends were sleeping. Thomas enjoyed reading Australian Animals book as he can touch and feel the difference of each animal.

Our little Ruby’s first day in Babies three room today. She is enjoying her time with her new friends and new teacher Miss. Jena. We miss you Ruby. we wish you good luck ruby…. Much love from Miss Hansani….

Have a lovely afternoon….