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Good afternoon families!

Welcome to babies two ♥

This morning, Miss Hansani and Miss Tatiane welcomed Scottie, Tommy, Braxton, Daisy, Indiana, Roman Chester and Oskar with lots of cuddles. Tommy and Scottie enjoyed playing together sitting in the book corner. Tommy loved playing with the sensory mat touching the sensory fabric and looking at the mirror. Tommy would smile and make sounds when he sees himself from the mirror. Scottie enjoyed playing with the sensory puzzles and then play with the dinosaurs and farm animals in the area we set up with lots of animals. Braxton and Oskar found three balls from a basket, so they decided to share one of them with Chester and started to play on the mat. Oskar kicked the ball towards the wall while Chester throws it into a basket. Braxton runs to the basket and throws it back the Chester. What a wonderful team play friends. Daisy and Indiana played in the home corner. Indiana pretended that she was putting the little babies to sleep while Daisy was doing some cooking using pots, pas and some vegetables. Roman arrived to have some morning tea. Roman enjoyed his morning tea while sitting at the table with his friends. Roman was very confident on using a spoon to eat his yoghurt. For morning tea, children enjoyed strawberry crostini with whipped vegan ricotta.

For the group time Miss Tati offered children all the mini books to read. Daisy, Braxton, Oskar, Chester and Roman sat on the mat and had a look at each book and the pictures. Miss Tati read ‘’under the sea’’ book for the children and encouraged children to practice some of the sea animal’s names such as Octopus, Fish, Whale, Dolphin, Starfish and Jelly fish. Chester has started calling his friends by name.. well done Chester. Oskar has started using some simple words such as outside, hat, hi, bye.

As we read ‘’under the sea’’ book, we decided to create a sensory tray using that theme. So we created a sensory tray using sea creatures, Sand, sea shells, sand castles and wool as water. Children absolutely loved running their fingers in sand and wool, play with the sea creatures, cover them with sand and wool, touch and feel different textures of different seashells. This was such a great extension experience for our story time today. For lunch children enjoyed Rainbow Noodle fish buddha bowl. We will be enjoying chocolate beetroot brownies with some fresh fruits for the afternoon tea.

For one-on-one time, Scottie practiced walking as we have noticed that she has been shoving her interest on walking by holding hands. We encouraged Tommy to hold his milk bottle and drink bottle by himself. Tommy was really excited to sit on his bamboo chair and have his food today

We have put up the daily blog, daily programming and daily pictures up on the wall just before where we enter to the babies room. Miss Jess has created a book called babies two memories with photos of special experiences that we engaged with. Miss Hansani and Miss Tatiane will continue the book. Parents can have a look at the book any time, it will be displayed on the parents hub just before you enter to the room. Please pack some clothes for warm weather as it can get really warm in the afternoon now.

Remind – Please fill the bottle receipt on the front desk for each day.

Much love Miss Hansani and Miss Tati ♥