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Good afternoon families..

What a wonderful start to the week. Today we welcomed Nash, Parker, Valencia, and Olive. It was a sunny morning, so we all enjoyed exploring the yard and all the activities that had been setup.  we enjoyed the slide, seesaw, 3D shapes and the dolls. While exploring the yard we started singing some songs with our friends from babies 3 such as twinkle twinkle little star and row row your boat which is everyone favourite. Afterwards we all went inside to wash our hands and sat nicely at the table waiting for morning tea.

After getting cleaned up we all loved exploring inside a little bit. Nash loved playing with the mailbox as Miss Jess would show Nash how to slide the mail in and Nash enjoyed collecting it from the bottom. Olive and Parker enjoyed playing together with the dog and turtle that had been setup on the table. Valencia enjoyed exploring home corner, as she made Miss Hansani some yummy food, and would say tar once finished. Then we were finished playing inside, Miss Hansani and Miss Mel from babies 3 had setup a fun activity outside for both babies 2 and 3. This activity was for the Holi Festival. Holi Festival is popular known as “festival of spring” or “festival of colours”, or the “festival of love”. Holi festival is significate for celebrating love, spring, and new beginnings. To celebrate this festival, we had some pillowcases and a variety of coloured spry bottles for children t spray colours onto the pillowcases. There was also coloured water and rice for everyone to enjoy. Everyone loved these activities as they all interacted and giggled together.

Valencia enjoyed playing with the rice and for Parker, Olive and Nash they loved feeling the water and having a go with the spray bottles to colour some pillowcases. It was fantastic to see everyone having fun and giving it a go.

Unfortunately, Miss Hansani will not be at the centre this week as she had visited Brisbane over the weekend and has been home to keep safe. We all hope our families are being safe during this time and we understand its hard. We are all here to help.

Much Love Miss Hansani and Miss Jess xoxo 💕