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Jingeri families,

A beautiful start to the week to kick off our last month this year. The December sunshine is blazing in the sky and we can feel the energy of summer in the air.

To begin the week Finley and Ruby got to spend some quieter time together as we set up our room. Our focus is on the letter V for the next couple of days, and while I was concerned that it would be a tricky letter to incorporate, a quick flick through my trusted old dictionary revealed that V is Very Versatile so there are a lot of interesting words I will be using. Today I will be reminding them all about the importance of Vegetables.

We also had the pleasure of a play date with Ivy this morning, our new friend who will be joining us permanently from tomorrow. Another wonderful addition to our Babies 2 team. The three children enjoyed morning tea together and were then eager to get involved in the toys. Finley is balancing confidently on his own, so he and Ruby are both using the walkers as they prepare to set off alone. Ruby is practicing the coloured-disk stacker, which she is now totally proficient at. We are really fortunate to have boys and girls of similar enough age to engage and inspire each other to explore and extend.

I look forward to tomorrow.