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Jingeri families,

An outstanding start to the week. As the new year officially clicked into full swing, we were blessed to enjoy the first romp on our tailor-made outdoor space. Amazing!

A trio of boys to usher in a calm day of stretching out in the warm summer air. Finley and Emmett back from their holiday met Tai and spent some time hanging out. As the final details on our front yard were double-checked and owner Rebecca brought the keys to unlock the doors, we enthusiastically spilled out onto our fresh flat play area. All three of the boys were head first into the water tub, splashing freely. Absolutely wonderful to get to roll out of our door to enjoy the natural air and light, as we please.

Monday is also the day I have chosen to focus on Communication as it gives me an opportunity to introduce the new letter of the week. We begin the year with first letter of the Alphabet, “A”. I was genuinely excited by the Amount of valuable words that begin with the letter A. Of course I brought in some delicious red Apples, but they were all devoured by small humans before the day began ( I support that ). I also introduced the boys to the important category of Animal, which we humans belong to. This Allowed me to incorporate a new collection of the huge selection of animals inhabiting this planet. I chose the Ant-eater first, for obvious reasons.

I look forward to tomorrow.