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Good afternoon families….

Happy Tuesday♥♥

Welcome to babies two. Today Miss Hansani and Miss T’arn Welcomed the babies in the morning with lots of cuddles. We stayed combined with babies one friends and babies three friends until 8.30 this morning. While we were all in babies two Miss Otavia played some music on the computer and we all did some dancing to warm up a bit. Then we sang good morning song with lots of giggles. Then we split into other rooms as Miss Mel arrived and so we all can follow our own routines. Zeppelin, Chester, Olive and Daisy had such a nice time singing with Miss Hansani while sitting on the mat. Miss Hansani sang ‘’Twinkle twinkle and Incy wincy spider while clapping. Olive sang ‘’twinkle twinkle’’ along with Miss Hansani and we practiced some clapping while we were singing. Daisy gave me a high five with a big smile when I say ‘’high five’’ at the end.

For the group time we read a story called ‘’The silliest scare craw’’. Children loved pointing at the big pictures and animals on the book. Olive would ask anything that she couldn’t recognise saying ‘’what’s that…’’

Then it was time to do some challenging experiences. Chester was showing his interest of climbing inside today. so we thought it would be nice to set up lots of obstacle courses outside allowing him to practice and demonstrate his gross motor skills. Chester absolutely enjoyed climbing on the wooden climbing frame and crawling under the tunnel. Also he did not forget to ride the boat with Olive. They had so much fun together rocking on the boat with giggles. Daisy practiced her walking while Loki was playing with the musical instruments by shaking them and banging them on the wooden surface. Zeppelin and Tommy loved watching their friends around and have some fresh air while sitting with their educators. Also we offered them turns to lay on the soft mat and the grass to feel the difference of different surfaces. We used some foil to lay under their legs and feet while they were laying on the mat, so they can kick and listen to the sound the foil makes. Tommy absolutely loved kicking the foil over and over again once he realized it was fun. For the NAIDOC week we set up a sensory tray with sand, bark, leaves and sticks that we found from our toddler yard. We let the children touch, feel and smell the difference of each material that we found from our natural environment. Children absolutely enjoyed touching them and feel the texture. Olive and Chester practiced some words such as sand and stick.

For the NAIDOC week we extended the sensory tray experience into a collage and used the same materials to stick on a white paper to create a beautiful art work. Loki, Olive, Chester and Daisy loved sticking bark, sand and sticks on papers.

For one on one time Miss Hansani Sat with Zeppelin and Tommy and offered them little shakers and encouraged them to shake and listen to the sound they make. Also we found the colourful soft rainbow pieces and handed them to our babies to develop their fine motor skills and hand and eye coordination skills. Today all our babies enjoyed the activities we set up both inside and outside. Children happily enjoyed the sensory tray and the sensory collage. We will be engaging with lots of different experiences related to the NAIDOC week.

Much love Miss Hansani and Miss Tatiane….