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Jingeri families,

As Christmas preparations move into full swing this week, we can begin to feel the excitement of the end year in the air. Summer has brought with it a haze of heat, and the vacation promises happy days. Such a good time of year.

Today we welcomed a new full time friend, Emmett, to the room. He settled in immediately with Finley and Ruby, getting quickly stuck into the standing activity centre and the push-cow walkers. He and Finley also found a lot in common while experimenting with the wooden toys and blocks. They were deep in concentration exchanging ideas and transferring knowledge. The three friends are all in a similar stage of physical development which makes interaction simple. They are inspiring each other to try different things and test their abilities. Emmett is walking confidently, which is making both Ruby and Finley practice their balancing and stepping. The walkers are therefor the most popular of the big toys, as they strengthen their muscles and improve their co-ordination. An interesting consequence of this improvement in mobility is quicker reflexes, which in turn will reduce the impact of falls. Survival skills!

We also introduced our Communication element of our W week today, where I was delighted to incorporate an abundance of interesting Words. I discovered that the root of all investigative thought is is found with W: Who? What? Where? Why? When? Which? The foundation of research and inquiry. Wonderful!

I look forward to tomorrow.