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Good afternoon babies two families…

What a fantastic day we have had in babies two room today. we started with cold wonderful day by exploring the room with our friends from babies one and three. we had all found an interest in the pastel house and people. Also found an interest in home corner, cars, and Colourful blocks. This was a wonderful morning full of laughter and building friendships together. Once babies one and three moved into their room Miss Hansani brought in the slide from outside for the children to slid down and explore inside with. This was lots of fun as all the children loved going down the slide as Miss Hansani counted down from three and off, they went sliding down the slide. While we were downing down the slide morning tea had arrived, so everyone walked over to the bathroom to wash their hands then pushed their chairs into the table then sat down. Once they sat down, they all placed their bibs over their heads and were ready for morning tea. for Morning tea, we Turkish bread with tomato and bean which everyone loved!

 Once everyone filled their tummies it was time to head outside into the small babies one yard and explore. While exploring the yard we Olive, Daris and Bella found an interest in the jungle gym as the encouraged each other to climb to the top and back down individually the clap and shout ‘yay’ when they reached the bottom.  Nash enjoyed wondering around the yard and finding balls and bikes to investigate. Forrest enjoyed riding and pushing the bikes around the yard. Olive had also tried to pick two balls up at once, she was determined to pick them both up without any help, and once she did, she had shouted ‘YAY’! as she was excited and proud of herself. While everyone was investigating the yard Miss Jess started blowing some bubbles and everyone became excited and stared popping bubbles around the yard. While everyone was popping bubbles Miss Jess went over into the big grass area to setup a wondering balancing experience for everyone to complete. Miss Jess has setup one balancing beam on the floor with two soft mats beside it and another two-balancing beam above floor level with mats underneath. Once Miss Jess called them over, they loved playing with the big ball in the yard and holding into Miss Jess’s hand as they walked along the balancing beams. This was lots of fun, lots of children had been laughing and smiling while running around the yard, as babies three came into the yard to join us. After everyone exploring the yard, it was time to head back over to our yard and exploring the 3D shapes, dolls, walkers, and sandpit which everyone loved. Miss Jess had spent some one-on-one time with Nash and Austin as they had sat with her to read some books which were What animals are in the bush, Fruit, and That’s Not My… Both boys loved looking at the pictures in these books and feeling the textures throughout reading. Miss Hansani then called everyone inside for some lunch, however Daris and Bella are spending time in babies three for their transition and we would like to with them all the best and have fun! For lunch we had enjoyed a roasted vegie Buddha bowl. Once all the children were finished it was time for rest as it’s been a big day.

This afternoon we hope to put our shoes and jumpers on and head outside in the yard and to continue to build on our gross motor skills. Tomorrow we will be focusing on movement with Miss Jenny our dance teacher, we can’t wait!

We would like to apologies as we still cannot upload any photos due to the system being down, we hope to upload photo ASAP as we know it’s the best part. We will print photos off and have them displayed on the bag shelf for all the families to see.

Much love Miss Hansani and Miss Jess xoxo