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Good afternoon to our lovely families,

Today we welcomed Daris, Olive, Olivia, Parker, Bella-Rose, and a new baby whose name is Forrest. Everyone made Forrest feel welcomed to the room and sat down and played with him also passing toys to him.  Forrest was extremely interested in the room when he arrived has there were lots of toys to play with. once we all greeted each other we walked into the bathroom to wash our hands and then sat down nicely at the table ready for morning tea. we all ate our yummy food, and then moved onto explore the room.

Today we were all interested in the colourful blocks and animals that had been setup for us all to play with. Daris, Olive and Bella-Rose were all interested building a tower with the blocks then knocking it down and giggling. Olivia and Forrest liked feeling the dinosaur fossils and using the stethoscope to look closely at them. Parker loved reading us all some stories while exploring the room. she was pointing at the pages while reading the book which were A School of Fish and Hide and Seek in the Jungle. Which everyone loved the pictures of.

While exploring the room Miss Jess was setting up a painting activity for us all. This week we have been focusing on animals and so we all completed an animal footprint painting. We used dinosaurs, elephants, tiger, and hippos.  We dipped each animal into either yellow, green, red, or blue paint then stamped it onto the white paper. We all enjoyed using the animals as a unique ‘brush ‘to paint with. While using the animals, Miss Jess had asked us what noise each one made, Daris, Olive, Parker, Bella-Rose all said “arrr” which was fantastic to hear. Olivia could tell us the noise of a tiger and elephant which was amazing! Forrest loved feeling the paint between his hands while painting as it was cold and a different texture to feel. Afterwards Forrest also completed another art activity as everyone else had completed this during the week, but all encouraged him while completing it.  Forrest dipped an animal into the pain then would stamp it onto yellow paper, h enjoyed lifting the sponge up and looking to see what he stamped onto the page, he also enjoyed feeling the paint on the sponge. After getting cleaned up it was time to head outside undercover in babies one yard to wash the animals. We all had lots of fun! Daris, Bella-Rose and Olive enjoyed splashing the water and Olivia, Parker and Forrest enjoyed washing the animals in the water while giggling. Everyone then found the jungle gym and bikes to play with however Forrest enjoyed the water play so much he jumped into the pub of water and was excited to splash around in the water. Everyone walked over to see Forrest in the tub and giggled, it made Forrest giggle too!

We all then went inside to wash our hands and get ready for some yummy lunch which filled our tummies! Then it was time for rest time. we hope to go outside into babies one yard which is undercover as it has been raining today, if not we will be explore our room and interacting with or friends from babies 3!

Today we also Welcomed Miss Jess from Toddlers 2 who came to help and interact with all our friends today. We would like to say a big thank you we all had a wonderful day with you! Thank you

Much Love Miss Jess and Miss Jess  xoxo 💕