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Good afternoon families!!

Welcome to babies two ♥

This morning Miss Hansani and Miss Tatiane welcomed Olive, Oskar, Chester, Asher, Forrest, Zeppelin and Austin this morning. This morning children explored lots of indoor experiences as their interest. Oskar and Forrest absolutely loved playing with the trucks and cars on the transport mat sharing them and taking turn to push the on the mat. Then they wanted to explore something different so, put some cars on the puzzle table and started to push them as fastest as they could. Olive enjoyed playing with the magnetic puzzle and wooden shapes while Forrest and Chester were making a tower with puzzle pieces. For morning tea, we enjoyed Delicious pumpkin, chia and apple waffle. For the group time we enjoyed singing songs before the meal time. Miss Hansani sat with the children and sang bunch of songs such as ‘’ The wheels on the bus, Insy wincy spider, Twinkle twinkle, Abcd, There was a farmer..’’. Olive loved choosing songs to sing with and sing along with Miss Hansani. Asher, Austin and Chester enjoyed clapping while listening to the song. Forrest and Oskar were very proud to show their dancing skills.

Today we engaged with an animal painting with pieces of our farm puzzles. We used yellow papers and purple and pink colours to dip the animals and make stamps. Olive loved the cow shape and Miss Tatiane asked Olive ‘’What does cow say Olive?’’ Olive replied ‘Moo Moo’. Everyone engaged with the experience by holding the puzzle pieces firmly with their fingers and slowly dipping in the paint. Outside everyone had a lot of fun exploring bunch of different experiences as their own interest!!!  Oskar and Olive had such a great time engaging with a free drawing on the blackboard using crayons. Chester and Forrest enjoyed playing in the sandpit with the big trucks digging the sand pit and filling the sand into the buckets. Asher enjoyed riding bicycles all around the yard. Zeppelin loved doing tummy time on the mat and looking at the colourful books while Austin was happily play with the musical instruments. For lunch we enjoyed loaded butter chicken with turmeric rice. For afternoon tea we will be enjoying Mexi dips and corn tortilla chips. For one-on-one time Oskar engaged with doing a magnetic puzzle. Chester built up a tower. Olive practiced colours. Forrest engaged with an animal puzzle. Austin enjoyed spinning the flowers.

Much love Miss Hansani and Miss Tatiane….