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Good morning families,

Welcome to babies two. This morning we welcomed our little babies to the outdoor yard with lots of cuddles. Bella, Olive, Oskar, Daris and Austin had such an amazing time in babies two today. It was so good to spend some time outside before the morning tea. Children watched this red big mover cutting the grass next to the Centre. Daris and Bella were pointing at the mover saying ‘’Tractor…Tractor…’’. This helped children to have such a good drop off this morning.

Then we headed to our room and washed our hands and sat at the table with all our friends. For morning tea, we enjoyed yummy French toast along with some fruits such as banana and pear. Bella, Oskar, Daris and Olive enjoyed it saying ‘’Yummy…’’. Austin loved sitting with Miss Jess until he finishes his morning tea. Then we explored our indoor environment with various activities to enjoy with.  Oskar loved playing a little drum giggling as he could hear the beautiful music. Austin had such a wonderful one on one time with his educators sitting at the mat engaging completing puzzle and driving the cars and trucks. Also, he loved to look at the mirror and look at himself while smiling to his educators to show them how happy he is. Then we engaged with a beautiful collage experience which was creating a traffic light using red, green, and orange colour papers. We set up the table with black papers, little bowls with little piece of papers (red, orange, and green) and drew 3 circles in a raw on the black paper and glued them so we can stick the little piece of papers on it to create the traffic lights. Each child used their fingers to grab the papers and stick them nicely inside the circles. We directed them to find the right circle for each colour and encouraged them to practice the colours. Daris happily engaged with the experience and he clapped after he wad finished, the same for Bella-Rose. Olive loved saying the colour, as Oskar practiced trying to pronounce the colours. Austin would giggle as sticking the paper down, he smiled while completing the activity. After we were all finished it was time to head outside and explore the yard together, Austin found an interest in the seesaw while Daris, Oskar and Bella loved climbing the bridge. Olive had tried to make the animals pop up from a toy, this made everyone giggle when they pop up. While spending time outside we had seen some birds fly around and we enjoyed pointing and calling the birds. Afterwards it was time for lunch, so we washed our hands and got ready by siting down at the table. For lunch today we enjoyed our vegetable which were peas, corn, pineapple, beetroot, carrot, and cucumber. Daris, Bella and Olive loved the peas and corn. Austin and Oskar also enjoyed eating the pineapple as it was very juicy. But the one thing we all enjoyed was the cheeky Mexican black bean tortilla melt with guacamole. It was delicious dipping the tortilla wraps into the black bean dip, while having some tasty guacamole on top.

We want to remind parents there is a Parent Educator Meeting coming up on the 1st of June 2021. This is for all parents to have the opportunity to talk with Miss Hansani about your children’s development and to have a look through the observation books. This would be wonderful as you can asked many questions and communicate what more you would like your child to develop at this age. The times for parents to book in is between 3pm and 5pm. Each family will be given 15minustes with Miss Hansani on this day. Please book in what time you would like by written on the booking sheet which will be displayed on the bag shelf.

Much love Miss Hansani and Miss Jess xoxo 💕