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Good afternoon families!!

Welcome to babies two ♥

This morning Miss Hansani and Miss Tatiane welcomed Chester, Austin,   Forrest, Olive, Nash and Oskar. Miss Danica and Miss Denis were in the room this morning until the lunch time experiencing lots of fun activities with our babies. In the morning we started our day singing good morning song and welcoming all the children. Oskar, Forrest and Nash enjoyed their morning exploring the home corner area and trucks and cars. Olive, Austin and Chester sat with on the green mat to engage with doing the animal puzzle and stacking rings. They have been showing their interest on doing puzzles and stacking rings lately. Austin absolutely enjoyed doing the flower shape puzzle as it can also turned into a big tower. He would slowly pick up the pieces and stack them one on one carefully. For morning tea we enjoyed creamy pear porridge.

For the group time we danced to the ‘’baby shark’’ song. Olive was so excited to sing the song with Miss Danica. Then we read a book called ‘’ Never touch a grumpy bunny’’. Forrest, Olive, Chester and Oskar absolutely loved the story and look through the pages. For lunch we enjoyed roast veggie avocado and pesto grill. For afternoon tea we will be enjoying chocolate beetroot brownies

In the afternoon we will be engaging with more outdoor experiences and then indoor free experiences. We practiced our self-help skills by using spoons for meal time to feed ourselves, put the hats on, find the drink bottles, find the water bottles and wash our hands.

For one on one time We engage with Austin to settle in the room by offering him some puzzles and stacking rings to engage with. Austin absolutely enjoyed his day at kindy today. he absolutely enjoyed his afternoon exploring the room on his own.

We have put up the daily blog, daily programming and daily pictures up on the wall just before where we enter to the babies room. Miss Jess has created a book called babies two memories with photos of special experiences that we engaged with. Miss Hansani and Miss Tatiane will continue the book. Parents can have a look at the book any time, it will be displayed on the parents hub just before you enter to the room.

Today all our babies enjoyed the activities we set up both inside and outside. Especially they enjoyed the sensory experience and the group time.

Much love Miss Hansani and Miss Tatiane…